​Giro J Trust is the preferred savings for entrepreneurs in the business world. This savings has flexibility in daily transactions. With a real-time on-line system facility, J Trust Giro account holders able to make transactions in all J Trust Bank branches. Checks and Bilyet Giro in J Trust Giro accounts can be cashed in at all J Trust Bank branches. The clearing facility enables transactions with all commercial banks in Indonesia.



  • Current accounts use a tiered system.

  • May request for check book and/or bilyet giro book.

  • Individual customers may apply for a J Trust Debit Card.

  • Able to do auto-debit transactions


  • Applicable for individuals/non-individuals

  • Initial deposit: IDR 1,000,000

  • Minimum balance: IDR 500,000

  • Monthly current account administration fee of IDR 50,000

  • Withdrawals can be made during office hours.

  • Account closure: IDR 50,000