Kredit pengusaha UNGGULAN (KPU)


KPU J Trust is a short-term loan facility for working capital intended for J Trust customers to meet their business financing needs with an easier and faster process than other working capital loans. This facility offers a credit limit up to Rp. 5 billions.

​Provision of funds for KPU facilities can be given in the form of Kredit Rekening Koran (KRK) or in the form of Kredit Angsuran Berjangka (KAB) so that it will be easier for debtors to determine which facility to choose (flexible).



  • Manage the consistency and flexibility of the debtor’s cash flow.

  • Increase the debtor’s sales and business income

  • Providing credit facilities with bigger Loan Amount/Plafond (maximum 100% of market value)



  • Debtors are required to fill out an application letter and submit the required documents to the AO (Account Officer) or to the nearest J Trust Bank branch.

  • Individual (WN) or company (PT) or partnership (CV) which is under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Not registered in the Bank Indonesia’s Black List

  • Passed BI Checking results



Types of fees that will be charged to customers for the facilities provided by the bank include:

  • Interest fee

  • Provision fee

  • Administration fee

  • Late fee


The details of fees that will be charged to the debtor will refer to the applicable regulations in J Trust Bank and will be informed through the Credit Agreement document.

Information on the applicable Lending Rate at any time can be seen in publications at each J Trust Bank’s branch office and / or website.