Kredit Atas Permintaan


Kredit Atas Permintaan (KAP) is a short-term working capital loan facility which funds can be withdrawn at any time and repeatedly by using a Customer Money Receipt (promissory note / drawdown notice).

Kredit Investasi


KIN is a long-term loan facility for funding an investment or acquisition of fixed assets. This facility is non-revolving (non-extendable) with decreasing principal installments (credit limit).

Kredit Angsuran Berjangka


A Short-term working capital loan facility that is repaid in monthly installment according to the approved loan term. Disbursement of funds can be adjusted to the needs and plans of the debtor.

Kredit Pengusaha Unggulan


KPU is a short-term working capital loan facility that aims to assist customers' business development with simpler, faster and more flexible process compare with the other working capital loans.

Kredit Rekening Koran


A short-term loan facility that offers convenience for customers with the loan funds available in the customer's account and can be withdrawn at any time with scrap (checkbook / transfer form (BG)).

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