Valas J Trust is the preferred savings for customers who want an account in foreign currency. Although Valas J Trust is categorized into a current account, but the withdrawal is not make by using check or bilyet giro because this account is identical to a savings account.



  • Interest uses a tiered system.

  • Withdrawal in Bank Note or Rupiah


  • Applicable for individuals/non-individuals

  • Foreign currency account (USD, EUR, SGD, JPY and AUD).

  • For individuals, an initial deposit and a minimum balance of USD 150, EUR 150, SGD 250, JPY 30,000 and AUD 150.

  • Individuals are subject to monthly administration of USD 1.0, EUR 1.0, SGD 1.0, JPY 250 and AUD 2.0.

  • Minimum balances : USD 100, EUR 100, SGD 200, JPY 20,000 and AUD 100

  • Account Statement : Passbook

  • Weekly maximum withdrawal in the form of Bank Note USD 5,000, SGD 8,000 and JPY 250,000 free of charge, any higher amount is charge with 0.25% provision.

  • Any Bank Note deposit using the eligible currencies is not a subject to exchange rate, deposit shall be made in USD100, EUR100/200/500, SGD100/500/1.000, JPY10,000 and AUD50/100

  • Account closing fee of USD 10, EUR 10, SGD 15, JPY 1,000 and AUD 15.