Tabungan J Trust

Interest Rate : 0% ~ 2.00%

Get your Tabungan J Trust to facilitate your banking activities. Affordable initial deposit and simple requirements.    


Interest Rate : 0% ~ 1.00%

Savings account with most affordable initial deposit. You can open a savings account that has no administration fee with only IDR 20,000.

Valas J Trust

Interest Rate : 0.10% ~ 1.00%

Offers convenient transaction in foreign currency. Valas J Trust is available in 5 foreign currencies (USD, SGD, EUR, JPY, AUD)

Tabungan Rencana J Trust

Interest Rate : 2.50%

Tabungan J Trust helps you to manage your long-term financial plans. Free administration fee.

Tabungan MOE

Interest Rate : 0% ~ 3.00%

Get a debit card with a special design options and enjoy competitive interest rates.

Tabungan J Trust Bisnis

Interest Rate : 0% ~ 4.25%

Tabungan J Trust Bisnis makes it easier for businessman to do transactions. Enjoy high interest rates up to 4.25% (T&C Applied)

Giro J Trust

Interest Rate : 0% ~ 1.00%

The right choice for entrepreneurs who want flexibility in financial transactions.