EBP Kredit Tanpa Agunan


Non-collateral personal loan facilities that offer attractive interest rates with terms ranging from 12 months to 60 months. The loan amount to be given is based on credit assessment as well as the term and loan amount.



  • Low and competitive interest rates.

  • Fast and easy process

  • The credit period is up to 5 years

  • Credit limit up to 250 million rupiah



  • Individual 

  • Work in agencies / institutions / business entities / companies that have EBP agreement with J Trust.

  • Minimum 2 (two) years work experience.

  • Minimum age 21 years old, maximum retirement age when the credit is due.

  • Get recommendations from companies

  • Fill out the application form.

  • Be insured



  • Bank provision fee is 1% of the credit limit fee.

  • Fee for full repayment before maturity minimum 1%

  • Administration fee per end user Rp. 200,000, -

  • Insurance



  • If there is a delay in payment of principal & interest installments, it will affect the customer's credit quality recorded at Bank Indonesia and will be subject to a fine.

  • There is a risk of a possible increase in interest rates following the applicable market mechanism in accordance with Bank regulations.