TabunganKu is a personal savings account with simple and convenient requirements, issued together by banks in Indonesia to encourage savings habit and improve people's prosperity.


  • Interest calculation is based on daily balance.

  • Free monthly administration fee.

  • Competitive and affordable initial cash deposit.

  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made at all J Trust Bank branches.


  • Personal (including student)

  • Minimum initial cash deposit is IDR 20,000

  • Minimum balance IDR 20,000

  • Minimum cash deposit IDR 10,000

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is IDR 100,000, - except when the customer wants to close the account

  • Deposit & withdrawal can be made at all J Trust Bank branch offices.

  • Unlimited Monthly withdrawal

  • Minimum account balance (after withdrawal) is IDR 20,000

  • Dormant balance (no transactions for 6 consecutive months)

  • Dormant account penalty IDR 2,000 / month

  • Account closure fee IDR 20,000

  • J Trust Bank ATM card is not applicable.