Kredit Atas Permintaan (KAP)


Kredit Atas Permintaan (KAP) is a short-term working capital loan facility which funds can be withdrawn at any time and repeatedly by using a Customer Money Receipt (promissory note / drawdown notice) up to the amount already determined either in Rupiah or foreign currency and payment of 0/S can be made partially or completely according to the debtor's ability. The maximum facility period is 12 months from the signing of the Credit Agreement and can be extended.



  • Flexible working capital to match the customer’s business cash flow.

  • Structured credit facilities to support working capital needs.

  • Competitive interest rates



  • Individual or Business Entity

  • The business has been operating at least 2 years for small or medium-sized enterprise and 3 years for Cooperative Corporation.



  • Bank provision fee is 1% of the credit limit

  • Fee for full repayment before maturity maximum 2%

  • Administration fee

  • Notary Fee

  • Insurance Fee

  • KJPP fee if the credit is more than 5 billions

  • Loan Amount more than 5 billions, Independent Appraisal is required



  • If the interest payment is late, then it will affect the customer's credit quality recorded at Bank Indonesia and will be subject to a fine.

  • There is a possible risk of interest rate increase following the applicable market mechanism in accordance with Bank regulations.