Deposito Rupiah J Trust

Interest Rate : 4.00% ~ 4.25%


Deposito Rupiah J Trust provides high fixed interest rates to Customers who deposit funds in rupiah for a fixed period.

Deposito Valas Khusus

Interest Rate : -


Deposito Valas Khusus is available in various types of currencies with fixed period and the Customers available to withdraw in Bank Note.

Deposito On Call Rupiah

Interest Rate : -


Deposito On Call Rupiah is a deposit that is suitable for Customers who want shorter maturity period, with rates determined based on the maturity period.

Deposito Valas J Trust

Interest Rate : 0.25%


Deposito Valas J Trust is a deposit in foreign currencies (USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, SGD) that provides higher interest rates compared to savings or Foreign Currency Giro products.