Exclusive Foreign Currency CD is a product of J Trust Bank foreign currency time deposit in exclusive currency with maximum return and available to withdraw in Bank Note. This account restrict access to the funds until the maturity date of the investment as mutually agreed between the Customers and the Bank. Although it is still possible to withdraw money from this account prior to maturity date, this action will incur Early Withdrawal Penalty. 


  • Interest earned on daily balance (based on the account balance).

  • Higher interest rate.

  • Cheap minimum deposit.

  • Available to withdraw in Bank Note.


  • Personal/Business Account (including joint account)

  • WNI: KTP, NPWP. WNA: Passport, KITAS/KITAP, NPWP, Certificate of Domicile.

  • Complete the Form : 

  1. Customer Data (for new Clients)

  2. Account Opening (according to clients' product preference)

  • Complete and sign Signature Specimen

  • For business, the requirements are copy of the company's deed of incorporation and its amendment, business licenses (SIUP, TDP), TIN (NPWP), company's domicile certificate, management member data and their Identity Card (KTP), relevant ministerial decisions, etc.

  • Foreign currency account (USD dan SGD).

  • Minimum initial cash deposit equivalent to USD 1,000,-.

  • Any deposit and withdrawal in Bank Note.

  • Available maturity CD periods are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

  • Competitive and attractive interest rate.

  • Receives Principal Roll Over; Principal + Interest.

  • Interest earned can be credited to another foreign currency account.

  • Certificate of Deposit is non-transferrable.

  • Principal Roll Over, any monthly interest earned is transferred to an account with the J Trust Bank.


  • Stamp Duty when opening and closing an account (if applicable).

  • Early Withdrawal Penalty.

  • Tax on savings interest.


  • Withdrawal available only at the opening branch and shall be applied by the account holder by returning the Certificate of Deposit.

  • Certificate of Deposit is non-transferrable.

  • Depositor shall already opened/is having a savings/checking account with the Bank as the receiving account of any interest earned from a Certificate of Deposit.

  • Any joint account will be treated as a personal account "OR".

  • Interest rate is a subject to market mechanism and the customers will be updated accordingly.

  • Any pledged Certificate of Deposit is not mature until all obligations is fulfilled.

  • In case of discrepancy between the entries in the Passbook and Bank Records, the latter shall prevail.