Kredit Pemilikan Rumah (KPR J TRUST)


A credit facility to help customers to purchase houses or properties with competitive interest rates. The funds provided are used for financing of houses, used or new, apartments, shop-house (ruko), offices, and can also be used for house construction and renovation.

[KPR Primary]

KPR Primary is a KPR facility provided to debtors which the house mortgaged is a new house obtained from the developers who has an agreement with J Trust bank as well as from individuals.

Types of collateral: House, apartment, shop-house (ruko), and house-office (rumah kantor).

[KPR Secondary]
KPR Secondary is a KPR facility provided to fulfill customer needs for:

  • Purchasing used house or

  • Purchasing brand new house (not obtained from the developer that has an agreement with J Trust Bank) or

  • Construction/renovation.

Types of Collateral : house, Condotel, Apartment, Shop-house and house-office
Included in the KPR Secondary :
KPR Take Over : Financing aimed at transferring the loan from another bank to J Trust Bank with the same debtor and collateral
KPR Top Up : Financing aimed at adding to existing credit facilities at J Trust Bank with the same collateral.


[KPR Serbaguna]

KPR Serbaguna is a credit facility provided by J Trust Bank where the funds provided are used for consumptive needs of prospective debtors by pledging / mortgaging land and buildings and / or for refinancing purposes.

Maximum limit: Rp. 2 billion


  • A maximum of 25 years for the purchase of a new, used or indent house, and Building Rights Title Certificate (SHGB) up to 2 years before the maturity of land collateral rights title certificate (sertifikat hak atas tanah agunan).

  • Maximum 10 years for:

    1. House-Office (rumah kantor)

    2. Shop-house (rumah toko)

    3. Apartment

  • Maximum of 10 years for KPR Serbaguna (KSG).



  • Indonesian citizens who domiciled in Indonesia

  • Minimum age 21 years old / already married when applying for loan

  • Maximum age when credit is due

  1. 55 years old for employee or (retirement age)

  2. 65 years old for entrepreneurs / professional

  • Have a job and an income

  1. Employee : Permanent (full-time) employee status with a minimum work period of 2 years including accumulation with the previous company

  2. Professional/entrepreneurs: Minimum 3 years experience in the same field.



  • Bank Fees

  1. 1% provision from the credit limit

  2. Minimum administration fee is Rp. 250,000

  3. Fee for the reserve of land mortgage rights (pencadangan pemasangan hak tanggungan)

  • Notary Fees

    1. Credit agreement fees (biaya pengikatan kredit)

    2. SKMHT / APHT fees

  • ​ Appraisal Fees

    1. Minimum Rp. 250,000 or

    2. In accordance with the invoice from Appraisal Services (KJPP)

  • Insurance Fee: This fee is paid by the debtor in advance for protection during the credit period

    1. Life Insurance

    2. Loss Insurance​



  • If there is a delay in payment of principal & interest installments, it will affect the customer's credit quality recorded at Bank Indonesia and will be subject to a fine.

  • There is a risk of a possible increase in interest rates following the applicable market mechanism in accordance with Bank regulations.