let's 1, 2, 3


This program provides the opportunity for customer to get 3 benefits by simply placing deposit 3 times in one program period and the customer will get optimal interest rates.


  • Optimal fund development with attractive interest rates.

  • Flexible placement period

  • Account opening available at all J Trust Bank branch offices.



  • Customers fill out the Deposito 1-2-3 Program application form.

  • Fill in the form. 

  • For customers who have participated in the previous 4.75% special rate deposit program and have reached a nominal value of IDR 20,000,000 can join this program by adding the 2nd and 3rd deposit.

  • Deposit does not have to be placed on the same day, but must be placed in one program period (please refers to program period date). Any other deposits which placed out of the program period date cannot be taken into this program. The interest rate set in the previous deposit can be canceled and be adjusted to the prevailing interest rates in accordance with latest rates.

  • If there is any customer who unable to be contacted / has difficulty to come to the branch office when the deposit is due, while the terms of the program cannot be extended, the deposit will be extended by changing the interest rate in accordance with the latest interest rate policy.