Enjoy fantastic 7.00% of interest rate


Fixed special rate 7.00% p.a.



  • Program is valid from 1 December to 31 December 2020.

  • Deposit is available in IDR.

  • Applicable for individual (not applicable for joint account).

  • Deposit is valid for 6 months and 12 months of time period and cannot be rolled over.

  • Minimum deposit of IDR 500.000 per Deposit slip. Maximum amount per 1 CIF of this program is IDR 20.000.000.

  • The total deposit is only calculated from the principal value so the interest earned is not included in the calculation of the total deposit.

  • Applicable for new customer only (New CIF) and fresh fund.

  • For this Deposit placement, the customer is required to open an account (choose a savings account in J Trust Bank) to be used to hold interest and fund.

  • This program is subjected to the use of stamp duty and taxes in accordance with applied terms.

  • Other terms will follow applied deposit account terms.


  • The customer will receive Deposit slip after fund placement

  • This deposit program cannot be terminated. However, if the customer has to terminate it, it will be subjected to a penalty : a penalty will be imposed only for the current month by giving the same interest rate as applied J Trust Savings tier rate

  • After maturity (6 months or 12 months) of the program, the principal of the Deposit is transferred to the account opened by the customer at J Trust Bank.

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